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AODES, ALL TERRAIN OUTDOOR EQUIPMENTS, a leading powersports brand, multi-nationally registered in over 100 countries. For decades, AODES team have dedicated to globalization strategy with respect to R&D, manufacturing, and distribution:

Today, portfolio of AODES product comprises Off-road engines and ATV and UTV, snowmobiles, golf carts, etc., with versatile lineups of Pathcross, Workcross, Trailcross, Alpinecross, E-vehicles and dedicated parts, accessories as well.

AODES exists to offer offroad access solution to farm land, golf land, rugged ground, water, mud, snowfield, etc., supplies the industry and the riders without any compromise to create the unforgettable and safe driving experience to access and cross the world.



AODES, a leading global powersports brand of ODES Industry, was laid by an experienced mechanic turned entrepreneur who spent his early years obsessing in the intricacies of off-road vehicle’s applications and troubleshooting. ODES Industry powersports business continued to see demand since its establishment, there was also an increased demand placed on significantly expanding its size and initiating the brand awareness. The choice was made by the family to keep working hard toward their vision of a globally recognized brand.

Accordingly, an independent global brand, ODES (Outdoor Equipments) was born, with the brand tagline “Beyond Roads” representing the brand’s vision, “The end of the road is not the end, but beyond”.

As the Globalization strategy accelerates, thanks for the continuously rapid growth, ODES Industry upgraded to globally register AODES (All Terrain Outdoor Equipments) brand in over 100 countries, clearly positioned AODES to focus on business of All-terrain vehicle and aftermarket products.

AODES staffs’ Perseverance and products’ performance leads to participation of hundreds of distributors and dealers all over the world, and win the popularity from clients from a wide variety of territories and nations, North America, Europe, Oceania, Australia, and South America, Asia, Africa, etc.

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